We design with operational efficiency in mind

ALTERTECNIA is not a conventional engineering firm, we provide global engineering services.

We design keeping operational efficiency in mind.

In all these years of experience we have realized that processes can not be treated independently,  because we can not and must not lose efficiency.

In many projects we have encountered layout problems due to bad building design, or difficulty to apply Lean Manufactoring concepts due to poor planning of the facilities.

That is why we have developed an integral service, to offer global solutions to our customers.

Project Process

1. Process analysis

Flow chart / process

The first step when starting a project is to analyze the current operation. We must soak up your activity, understand the processes involved and all the flows that intervene. Only in this way can we offer the best possible service.

2. Layout design

LEAN Manufacturing distribution 

We design the Layout using Lean Manufactoring concepts to minimize waste in all processes. We will remove all those tasks that do not add value to the product.

3. Building design

Virtual Model Design using BIM Technology (Building Information Modeling + LEAN Construction)

Applying the comprehensive knowledge gained in the previous steps about the operational processes and flows, we can now design the best possible building. We design with operational efficiency in mind, using the latest technologies such as BIM.

4. Design and calculation of the facilities

BIM Technology (Building Information Modeling + LEAN Construction + Energy Efficiency)

Design is not limited to sketching and drawing. A good design will add value to your facilities. Facilities are meant to provide necessary resources to operations and we will design them focusing on functionality. All calculations are performed with energy efficiency in mind, because reducing resource consumption is not only a trend, it is a responsability.

5. Construction management

BIM Technology (Building Information Modeling + LEAN Construction)

As a global engineering firm, we like to direct our projects. We believe that  management is not only to comply with the established plans, but also to involve all project suppliers so that our clients do not have to worry about anything.

6. Recruiting / Outsourcing

Personnel selection and / or outsourcing of operational and support services (project manager, quality, logistics, processes, production …)

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas of a project. Projects do not become alive until people intervene. That is why at ALTERTECNIA we have a Recruiting and / or Outsorcing service, designed to help our clients start their projects with highly qualified personnel.

7. Continuous improvement


Our integral service was born thanks to the continuous improvement philosophy. Inspired by the Deming PDCA cycle (plan-do-check-act), we understood that we should never remain complacent and that we can always improve. This is undoubtedly the basis for a comprehensive improvement of competitiveness.


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