Lean Construction approach to provide value and reduce costs

ALTERTECNIA is a multidisciplinary engineering with a unique ability to adapt to our customers’ changing needs. We use the latest technologies to offer the best service and consulting advice in each project. Starting from our extensive building design know-how and down to the subsequent energy efficiency.

tecnología BIM arquitectura e ingeniería

Architecture and Engineering

At ALTERTECNIA we design and execute construction projects integrating BIM technology, adding a plus of creativity and innovation to all our designs. We follow concurrent engineering guidelines and methodology, so we participate in each and every one of the project’s phases.


Facility design and calculation

Facility design is not limited to simply drawing the layout of the different supplies, you must be able to add value to those resources. At ALTERTECNIA we understand that the main objective is to provide operations with necessary resources, and we use a Lean Construction approach to improve the efficiency of the processes.


Energy efficiency

At ALTERTECNIA we offer energy efficiency solutions adapted to the needs of each client with the aim of reducing energy consumption, operating costs and environmental impact.

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