Thanks to BIM technology we can create virtual reality environments to understand the impact of facilities in operations engineering. Our commitment is to design efficient facilities, facilities that add value and minimize the use of resources.

We carry out facility legalization projects.

Our team of specialists will analyze the current settings and develop a work plan not only to adapt your facilities to current regulations, but also to ensure that the necessary modifications will add value to your operations.

ALTERTECNIA carries out legalization projects regarding:

  • Electricity (Low and High voltage)
  • Thermal installations
  • Gas
  • Air conditioning
  • Industrial cold
  • X-rays
  • Chemical products

How do we do it?

  • Our specialists travel to your facilities to perform an initial assessment
  • Then we produce a technical report detailing the installation’s characteristics
  • We develop a plan of necessary corrective measures using Lean concepts
  • We issue the necessary technical report
  • We present the legalization project before the relevant administration

All of this without you having to take care of anything

Expert, economic and judicial reports.

ALTERTECNIA is officially recognized as a judicial and forensic expert engineer by the College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia, the Justice Administration and other official organisms of Catalonia. We issue legally valid reports in case of litigation.


tecnología BIM arquitectura e ingeniería

Architecture and Engineering


Energy efficiency

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