ALTERTECNIA performs a detailed analysis of all of the client’s processes, from production to the quality department, covering if necessary the entire supply chain.

Layout design and distribution of the plant itself. We carry out both new construction projects and adaptation and improvement of already established plants.

We work under the Lean Manufacturing methodology to maximize the efficiency of all resources by minimizing waste.

We use BIM technology to design the plant from all perspectives (architectural, mechanical, installation and structural). Using this technology we can produce a realistic vision of the simulated infrastructure. We can design the interior of the factory, the shared work areas, the movements of personnel and machinery, etc. All the necessary testing in order to identify potential  disadvantages is performed in the early stages of the project, thus reducing future adaptation costs.

The main advantages of operations engineering are:

  • Reduction of manufacturing and storage costs
  • Improvement of delivery times to the client
  • Reduction of risks and accidents at work
  • Increase in productivity
  • Decreased delays
  • Space optimization
  • Reduction of work in process
  • Surveillance optimization

We have helped many companies to improve their processes in different areas such as Production, Quality, Logistics or Offices.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary experience, we can help you adapt and modify all your processes to comply with ISO regulations.

Our service is tailored for each client, thanks to the possibility of integrating a specialist technician within your organization with our Outsourcing service.







Quality Services

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