At ALTERTECNIA we work using Lean methodology, both for Architecture and Engineering projects (Lean Construction) and for Operations Engineering (Lean Manufacturing). We believe that the best use of any resource is to avoid wasting it.

Our Outsourcing service is also based on Lean methodology. We can provide the most specialized technical resources with the minimal cost for our clients.

We propose a global engineering service in which we make all our knowledge available to the client.

ALTERTECNIA leads your projects.

We maintain a constant relation with the Project Manager, holding periodic meetings in which we appraise the project’s status. We offer our clients the possibility of compressing an entire engineering team into a single person, who travels to the company’s facilities during the project’s execution period.

Advantages of our OUTSOURCING service:

  • Availability of the best technical specialists
  • Máximum efficiency thanks to the highly qualified and experienced personnel provided by ALTERTECNIA
  • Greater control of costs
  • Availability of a comprehensive engineering service within the client’s facilities
  • Flexibility to adapt to any project requirement

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ingeniería de operaciones

Operations engineering


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